Job Description:

My name is Christina Coffan and I am the owner of  Bowser Bubbles Pet Salon located in Sedalia, Colorado. My mom started the business in 2005 and I purchased it from her in 2010 and have been going strong ever since. Business has been booming for the last couple of years, but I recently relocated to a new beautiful location just a minute away from my old place, but into a building that is more than double it size. Now that we have room to grow, business is growing even more. I desperately need some help and I’ve been searching for a great groomer for quite some time now. I thought I would try reaching out to to see if I can find a student who is just graduating with the basic skills and looking for a more permanent, forever home to learn and expand on their knowledge.

(Submitted January 3, 2023)


Contact Information

Christina CoffanBowser Bubbles Pet Salon3038881792bowserbubbles@aol.com5423 Manhart StreetSedalia,CO 80135