Project Description

Job Description:

This is a start-up opportunity for a mobile grooming service, to serve the west and southwestern Twin Cities areas.My wife (Shelly) and I have started and sustained other small businesses in that area (mobile auto detailing and residential cleaning), for the past 7 years.The demand for mobile dog grooming is very high, creating high earning potential AND ownership equity in this start-up.Must have an entrepreneur mindset, self-starter, and be hungry to learn and build a brand!I would fund 100% of it, along with your training/expertise, and sweat equity, we would hit the ground running. Please email, text, or call to discuss further…only starting one mobile unit at a time and will scale with demand.Thank you!Andrew

(Submitted May 26, 2022)

Contact Information

Andrew SauterStart-up Opportunity612-390-4143andrew_sauter@yahoo.com18202 Minnetonka Blvd.Wayzata,Minnesota 55391