Project Description

Job Description:
Unique Opportunity:

I am selling ASKA Pet Spa and would like to have it in a new ownership by January of 2021. If you are interested and want to know more email me.

I am willing to hire someone on as an employee as well to take over my position grooming and buy the salon in 6-8 months.

Grooming position:
-hourly or commission ($21/33%)
-I charge $70 an hour for my services so at 33% commission you are at $23.10 an hour but more when you work with a bather.
-We do dogs straight through and minimal kenneling. We try not to shave double coated dogs. We dont pluck ears and rarely do anal glands. If we have to shave down before the bath, we do charge a fee by size to pay for the damage on our equipment.
-Relaxed and calm vibe
-Probation period is ($19 an hour for 3 months)
-Sharpening is payed for
-all wet products are payed for
-you get to work with a bather (that’s why lower commission)
-Cloud scheduling system
-square pos system (very easy to use)
-tips around 18% (added to paycheck)
-Very good clientele
-Mix type of grooms
– must have good customer service skills
– drama free
-Good Scissoring skills or willing to get better
– Average time for a Bichon sized groom is around 1 hour and 15 minutes unless super fluffy cut.

(Submitted October 14, 2020)

Contact Information

Celine Gregory
ASKA Pet Spa
197 E 7th St
St.Paul,MN 55101