Principles & Mission Statement

The Rio Grooming School is dedicated to taking a leadership role with each and every student to guide them to develop a passion to express their creative nature to lead toward a successful career in the grooming, spa and pet care industry. While the grooming, spa and pet care industry continues to evolve, our staff will encourage and guide the individual student to accept change as a positive part of our individual evolution. It is the responsibility of our staff individually and collectively to bring “the real world” into the classroom, through practical training, guest artists, salon, grooming socials along with career days and industry field trips. We strive here at Rio Grooming School & Salon to educate qualified students, using state-of-the-art equipment for a lifetime career in the field of grooming. In addition we employ qualified staff for supervision, administration and motivation.

Purpose & Standards of Education

At Rio Grooming School it’s our tradition to aspire to high goals, achievement and professionalism. At Rio Grooming we focus on three main goals: First and foremost is Education. Since our founding in 2009, excellence in education has been our driving force. Our staff and management team will settle or nothing but the finest training for our students. Second, Reputation. Each and every Rio Grooming student, instructor, manager, and director is expected to uphold the ethical reputation one would expect to find in an excellent and prosperous school. We take great pride in the feedback from our clients, graduates and partners about our students and our school. Third, Jobs. The Rio Grooming School & Salon is dedicated to providing resources to find quality jobs in the pet care industry for our graduates. We take great pride in our excellent reputation and the fact that Rio Grooming grads are in demand because of it. Ask any graduate and they’ll confirm that although their time spent at The Rio Grooming School of Certified Grooming was demanding, challenging, worthwhile, and an invaluable investment into themselves and their career success. All of us at Rio Grooming are excited about the opportunities that will await you once you graduate and become a professional in the grooming, spa and Pet industry.

Dog Grooming Services

We offer a wide range of high quality services.

Rio Grooming School & Salon offers a variety of dog grooming services at our highway 61 location. We believe bathing & brushing are essential to a healthy and happy pet. Our state-of-the-art dog grooming facility is staffed by well-qualified dog groomers who are pleasant, professional, and caring — keeping you and your pet happy will always be their top priority! Having your dog groomed on a regular basis will not only keep your dog looking great, it will lower allergens, shedding, dander and pet odors. It’s very important to practice good hygiene for your dog by beginning a good grooming routine while your pet is young.

Your dog will thank you for our great grooming techniques and keeping a regular grooming routine. Just as humans like a little TLC and bonding, pets enjoy the same type of attention. Choose between one of our Professional Stylists, Grooming Students or use our Self Dog Wash, and let’s get grooming!