Job Description:

Professional Pet GroomerWe’re looking for a small animal groomer to join our passionate team at Windy Ridge Veterinary Clinic in Pipestone, Minnesota. We have added a beautiful new addition with grooming area to our veterinary clinic. By adding a professional pet groomer to our team, we hope to build lasting relationships with our customers and provide quality grooming to their pets. This is a great opportunity for someone who’s an animal lover and has experience in pet grooming. The ideal candidate is hardworking, customer service–oriented, and patient with both pets and people. Windy Ridge Veterinary Clinic is a small, community-oriented vet clinic, where teamwork is crucial to providing the best care for our patients.Responsibilities Include:•       Clean and freshen pet hair by washing, shampooing, and conditioning•       Shave, trim, and style pet hair according to the owner’s preferences•       Maintain overall pet hygiene by clipping nails, brushing teeth, and cleaning ears•       Maintain a clean workstation by sanitizing and sweeping before the arrival of every client and at the end of every workday•       Advise owners of at-home care tips and best practices for their pets•       Work with our team to provide exceptional customer service and serve the   needs of our patientsPreferred skills and qualifications:•       Demonstrates passion for animals•       Ability to work comfortably with animals, including anxious ones•       Ability to stand for extended periods of time, with intermittent breaks, and lift animals weighing up to 50 pounds•       Willingness to learn new skills and techniques, attention to detail•       Well-developed verbal communication skills•       Experience in pet grooming•       Experience in customer service•       Experience with animals in a professional or volunteer capacity•       Professional certification (not required, but recommended)Benefits:•       Contract based compensation•       Our friendly staff will answer calls and schedule appointments•       We provide a private grooming space, hydraulic lift grooming table, bathtub with ramp, kennels, cage dryerso       Groomer must provide clippers, blades, scissorsTo apply or inquire about this position, please call us at 507-825-3336 or send a resume to December 7, 2023)


Contact Information
Katie WieseWindy Ridge Veterinary Clinic507-825-3336customer.service@windyridgevet.com1309 7th St SEPipestone, MN 56164