Regular grooming is an important part of a dog’s routine, not only does it make them look and smell fantastic but it promotes healthy skin and coat for your dog. Most people love their puppy to be fluffy and because of this, tend to wait until 6 months or more to get them groomed for the first time because they don’t want their hair cut short. Waiting this long to groom your puppy for the first time can lead to matting of the coat and it can also be more stressful for an older dog.

The best time to take your puppy in for its first groom is once it has had it’s second set of shots completed, which is around 3 months old. The reason we recommend starting out the first grooming so early is that puppies are more accepting of new sights and sounds and can easily adjust and be comfortable in their new surroundings.

A puppy’s first groom is more to familiarize them with the grooming process, even if they don’t need a haircut yet, a bath is a great starting point. We recommend starting out with a simple bath, brush out and nail trim. This gives the puppy a chance to get acclimated to the grooming tools and their new surroundings, without getting too overwhelmed. By starting out at an early age and with a simple groom it helps to make grooming a relaxing and fun experience for the dog!